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This page serves as a page for frequently asked questions. Answers to the questions also serve as shop policy. Thank you.


Q: Do you accept returns or refunds?

A: Unfortunately, we do not accept returns or refunds on any items. 


Q: I ordered an item and it does not fit. Can I return it or get a refund?

A: All of our clothing items are measured and listed as their size according to common sizing charts for that item. Cup sizes are always listed on crop tops and most crop tops are adjustable in multiple ways to tailor fit. Unfortunately, we can not offer returns or refunds due to an item not fitting because of the handmade nature of the item, and because of sanitation concerns.


Q: How can I order custom items?

A: Custom items can be ordered by DMing me on twitter (@breezybeedesign).


Q: How long is the turnaround time for custom items?

A: It varies per item. Please allow at least 2 weeks for turnaround time.


Q: My order didn't arrive. What happened?

A: All orders placed through the website come with a tracking number. Please check your tracking number and contact your local post office. I ship through USPS and what happens to packages after I ship them is out of my control. I can and will do my best to help you locate a lost package but cannot replace contents of a lost package.


Q: I don't use PayPal but I would like to order from your shop. Can I pay another way? 

A: Yes! DM me on Twitter (@breezybeedesign) with your order and you will be able to pay via Venmo or CashApp.


Q: Do you accept checks?

A: No, we do not accept checks. We accept PayPal, Venmo, Credit/Debit Card, and CashApp at this time. 


Q: Are their taxes on your products?

A: BigCartel automatically adds taxes to all products where applicable.


Q: When do you ship your orders?

A: Generally, orders are shipped every 2-3 business days but this can vary. Shipping is never more than 5 business days from the time of placing an order, with the exception of custom orders.